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Heat your water with your solar PV panels

Savings for years to come

Once installed, the next-generation system will reduce an average household’s energy bill by up to £250 per year by diverting microgen-generated electricity directly to an immersion heater, storage heater, and/or electric underfloor heating.

This helps users to significantly reduce utility bills, lower mains reliance and improve the eco credentials of their property, without affecting FiT payments.

The ImmerSUN PV water heating system can heat your water for free using the surplus green energy that your Solar PV panels provide. The ImmerSUN has a built in hot water programmer which enables as much control over the ImmerSUN’s activities as you wish. Additionally the ImmerSUN can cascade the free energy to a second heat source and can divert your free PV energy to storage heaters, electric under floor heating or electric panel heaters once the first source is satisfied.

Key Benefits:


  • Tracks surplus power and diverts this energy to the load
  • trusine technology for fast and smooth automatic power adjustment
  • Clear graphical backlit LCD display
  • Indicates current import/export power levels as well as diverted power to the heater
  • Savings are accurately reported for the day and each month as well as the total savings
  • No need to change the existing immersion heater
  • Built-in 7-day programmable boost timer
  • Savings can be displayed in several currencies as well as kWhs