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Battery Storage

Save more on your energy bills

Home Battery Storage Systems

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Home energy storage systems make the most of electricity . They are particularly useful for people with Solar PV systems who can use more of the clean energy they generate at home. If you already have home renewable energy, an energy storage system can reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions. The fuel bill savings are dependent on the system installed and how it is used.

  1. Save on your energy bills

  2. Greater Energy Security

  3. Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Our Main Solar Battery Supplier

GivEnergy design and manufacture their own inverters, batteries and state-of-the-art management system and monitoring platform which combine to offer an exceptional storage package. The LiFePO4 chemistry is the safest cell technology on the market, whilst GivEnergy in particular offer higher capacity cells, higher density cells and monitor individual cell voltage rather than overall pack voltage. The batteries also utilise prismatic cells rather than conventional soft pouch cells which minimise hear build-up and thermal hotspots.

GivEnergy’s market-leading battery warranty lasts 10 years with unlimited throughput 

Our Battery Storage Systems installs

GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid inverter with 8.2 KwH lithium battery installed in Aberdeen, Bridge of Don