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Solar PV

A Beginners Guide

Solar PV systems generate electricity from the sun using an array of solar PV panels usually mounted on a south facing or near south facing roof, but can also be mounted on east or west facing roofs, flat roofs, walls or even as a free standing unit, or car port.
The PV panels produce DC electricity, which is wired into an inverter that converts this electricity to AC electricity at the same voltage and frequency as the electricity from the national grid.The inverter is connected to your consumer unit (fuse box), and electricity generated can then either be used directly by you in your house, or exported to the grid for other people to use if more is being generated than you can use yourself.The total amount of energy the system generates is measured by a new generation meter that we will install, and this figure is used to calculate how much you will get paid by your electricity supplier.

  • Generate 40% of your electricity needs by harvesting natural light
  • Unused electricity is automatically sold back to the National Grid, earning you a TAX free income
  • The average household can save around 1200kg of CO2 every year
  • No moving parts means maintenance is minimal
  • Panels have 25 year power performance warranty

A 4.00 KW could earn you £494 Every Year for 20 Years TAX Free