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833 Solar

industry leading power yield and guarantees

The 8.33 Solar PV module with gallium doped monocrystalline cells offers industry leading power yield and guarantees, because the gallium doped mono crystalline cells transform a higher spectrum of solar radiation into higher energy yield.

Furthermore, gallium monocrystalline cells decay at a slower rate than alternative boron monocrystalline cells. Manufactured to strict quality control standards (ISO:9001, IEC, CE and MCS) and accredited by TUV SUD, 8.33 solar PV modules with gallium doped cells consistently deliver high yield and reliable performance.

The module has up to 16.14% conversation efficiency, 25 years power output warranty; 95% power output for 12 years and 90% for 25 years, plus 10 years product warranty.

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About 8.33 Solar

8.33 Solar prides itself on manufacturing innovative and high quality PV modules as well as providing services based on their dedication to tackling the challenges of the new energy future. The company ensures strict quality control throughout its integrated value chain by manufacturing everything from the silicon ingots to the finished PV modules.

The manufacturer conducts the research, development and production of its ingots, wafers, cells and solar modules at its facilities in Jiangsu (China) and Murcia, (Spain).

8.33’s commitment to quality has enabled them to achieve the TUV, MCS, ISO, IEC and CE certification marks and, to further enhance the value offered to customers, all 8.33 Solar PV modules come with product warranty and efficiency guarantees that are insured by investment grade third-party insurance companies.