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Solar Panel Repair in Aberdeen

Solar Thermal Hot Water & Solar PV Repair in Aberdeenshire

Solar panel systems both thermal and PV should be very low maintenance systems unfortunately do to the varying quality of installation their can be problems.

We can advise, maintain, repair and restore malfunctioning or broken solar systems. If your system has problems, we will provide an assessment and recommend remedial work to the installation or the design where necessary.

We have inspected systems for insurances purposes which have been designed and installed  poorly but often the installer has ceased trading.

Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Repair Aberdeen


Common faults

  1. Leaks due to using non rated solar fittings and leaks at the pump station.
  2. Air vents that aren’t rated for solar use in the system, normally they pop and start venting steam in the poorly installed system that feature these vents.
  3. No High Limit interlock non self resetting thermostat between the pump and the controller.(Essential safety control)
  4. Not a high temperature rated discharge container, so if it discharges because its too hot it will melt damaging the surrounding area.

We can work on both flat plate panels and evacuated tube collectors

Top Tips

  • System pressure should be check every few months, if it is below 0.5 bar then its a sure sign that you have problem with the sytem.
  • Solar fluid should be changed every 5/6 years to protect against the fluid becoming acidic causing pitting and to ensure the antifreeze protection of the system.  Changing the fluid will also help maintain optimum efficiency as with time their is some thermal degradation to the fluid which makes can make it quite thick.