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Technology options

We’ve spent a lot of time researching our product range, aiming to provide options for both maximum solar gains,value and environmental impact of the products. We have a choice and range of panels and inverters, we would be happy to recommend suitable panels and components for your system. But the choice is ultimately yours.

We offer what we believe to be the best panels on the market, in terms of their build quality, low light performance, aesthetics and manufacturers rating. They range from value for money panels to maximise returns, to high-efficiency modules that will make the most of every square inch of roof space.

An Inverter is essential for solar pv system, it converts to Direct Current (DC) of the panels to Alternating Current (AC) thats used in your home. Good quality inverters have high efficiency, meaning you maximise the energy from your panels. We will select a suitable inverter to suit your system size so it’s compatible.

Solar Monitoring

If you want to maximise the value of your solar panels and keep track of energy in the home a solar generation monitor is what you need. They give real time information on how much your generating so you can maximise solar self consumption, these range from portable devices to online monitoring systems.

If you want to maximise the value of your solar panels then Automatic Power Controller is the way to go . It tracks available surplus power from a grid-tied PV system and varies the power to a heater to match the surplus power, therefore ensuring all of the green energy is fully utilised.