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BenQ Solar

High efficiency, at up to 20.3%, with power output up to 330W.

BenQ Solar, a division of AU Optronics, is committed to bringing solar into your everyday life in a greener, more efficient, more reliable and easily accessible way. AU Optronics Corporation is a leading global manufacture of TFT-LCD with 16% worldwide market share, dedicated to greener products, manufacturing, and the way of living. BenQ Solar leverages the manufacturing strength of AU Optronics to produce top quality and innovative solar products to worldwide customers.

As a total solutions provider, BENQ Solar specializes in providing high efficiency solar solutions that cater to residential, commercial and utility customers. With a complete Solar Value Chain, including polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell, module and system production, BENQ Solar prides itself on offering premium quality and reliable performance within a competitive cost structure. BenQ Solar products meet and exceed internationally recognized standards, including JET, JPEC, IEC, UL, MCS and CEC.

BenQ Sunforte 330Wp

BenQ Sunforte 330wp Features:

  • 20.3% Module Efficiency
  • Back Contact Cells – no busbars on the front space enhances light conversion space.
  • Lower Degradation Cells – Power Guarantee of 87% for 25 Years
  • 12 Panels create a 3.96Kw system compare to traditional 16 panel 4.00 KW systems

SunForte PM096B00, our most powerful PV module, is equipped with Back-Contact technology, and delivers the highest efficiency, at up to 20.3%, with power output up to 330W. Its unmatched high efficiency enables more energy output than conventional counterparts when given the same amount of space.* With its transformer-less solution, LID(Light Induced Degradation)-Free technology and better temperature coefficient, PM096B00 performs better in energy yield than conventional c-Si (crystalline silicon) modules.