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Solar World

Solar Technology Made in Germany

SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international testing standards for proven quality

The SolarWorld commitment to sustainable energy goes back more than 30 years. We believe energy should be
supplied not only in accord with the requirements of people, but also with those of the environment. To achieve this goal, we produce premium quality solar modules and solar system solutions in Germany. Quality is the determining factor in our production processes, as well as in our products. Our actions are designed to achieve the highest levels of quality. This is our corporate policy and the pillar of our success. SolarWorld quality means our solar modules are very reliable, which is seen as a major selling point by customers who know to only invest in the best solar arrays.

SolarWorld 250w All Black Panel

Solar Wolrd Sunmodule Features:

  • SolarWorld Plus-sorting system guarantees the highest system efficiency
  • TUV Rheinland ‘Power Controlled’ inspection mark ensuring accuracy of measurements
  • Positive performance tolerance
  • 25 year linear performance warranty and 10 year product warranty
  • Produced in Germany, the centre of solar technology

Benefits of Solar World

Offering optimum performance and reliability, SolarWorld’s Sunmodule Plus are an innovation in solar panel design. Their mono and polycrystalline products come in a variety of power densities, making them suitable for all applications – from residential rooftops to a large-scale facility.

With the Sunmodule Plus, SolarWorld presents an innovative module concept. The Sunmodule Plus is produced in state-of-the-art, fully automated production facilities, meeting the highest possible quality standards.

Their Plus-sorting system allows you to get all the watts you pay for. Every single panel’s performance is analysed using solar simulators, so-called “flashers”. The panels are then graded in 5-watt steps, rendering the time-consuming process of sorting the panels on-site unnecessary. Only panels which have been tested within the specified rated power range are delivered to the customer.

A solar array is just like any other investment: you have to invest in quality if you want guaranteed returns.