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Our primary suppliers

8.33 Solar prides itself on manufacturing innovative and high quality PV modules as well as providing services based on their dedication to tackling the challenges of the new energy future. The company ensures strict quality control throughout its integrated value chain by manufacturing everything from the silicon ingots to the finished PV modules.

8.33 Modules have Gallium Cell Technology which reduces cell deterioration to increase the panel’s lifespan  coupled with the most competitive warranties available with 90% power guaranteed in 25 years and 10 year manufacturing warranty. These panels degrade slower than any other panel on the market.

SolarWorld was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to producing photovoltaic products. It’s supply chain is fully integrated, incorporating all elements of the solar value chain, from production of silicon to modules. The company has previously won awards for sustainability in production.

They are surprisingly cost effective, giving exceptional performance yield. Used in conjunction with the SolarWorld mounting system provides a truly elegant PV installation.

LG have over 20 years of experience with intensive research and development in solar technologies allows LG Electronics to provide consistently  high quality modules. Their ability to produce the cells in-house results in top-quality, durable, and efficient modules that meet all European  standards.

LG’s high quality solar products are being manufactured in LG’s leading production facility in South Korea.

LG Solar manufacture outstanding 250 watt All Black Panels, as well as superior efficiency panels such as their 285 watt and 300 watt panels.

BenQ Solar, a division of AU Optronics, is committed to bringing solar into your everyday life in a greener, more efficient, more reliable and easily accessible way.

The BenQ Solar module portfolio includes mono, multi and back-contact cell technologies delivering high efficiency options – with 15-20.3% conversion efficiency rates – that are able to meet varied solar energy system requirements.

The SunForte PM096B00-330 mono-crystalline module is one of the industry’s most efficient solar PV modules per square metre, helping to maximize roof space for PV microgeneration.
With module efficiencies over 20%, light weight design for easy installation and black framing to maximize aesthetic appearance, the SunForte 330W meets the criteria for any solar PV installation.