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Choosing the right panels

What to look for

Solar PV Panels may look similar, but the difference is in the detail.

Warranties (performance guarantee)

Every panels comes with a product and performance warranty. The product warranty indicated how long the manufacturer will guarantee the workmanship of the panel. The performance warranty indicates how the panels performance will degrade over time.

Look carefully as cheap panels will degrade upto 5% in the first year due to light induced degradation.


Some panels are more efficient than others, high efficiency panels produce more energy from a smaller surface area. In general the more you pay for a panel the better the efficiency and technology will be. If you have a small roof, we’d would recommend getting higher efficiency panel to maximise your energy generation. If your roof is larger then panel efficiency isn’t a factor.

Build Quality/Brand

The advantage of Quality, The best Panels available are;

  • Have a Positive power sorting of 3w+
  • Potential Induced degradation free
  • Undergo Electroluminesce testing,hot spot testing and UV Light aging testing
  • Have Linear power warranties, this indicates quality silicon was used.