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Types of Solar Thermal Hot Water Panels

A brief guide to the panels

Evacuated Tube Solar Panel



95% Efficiency

Evacuated Tubes use a vacuum glass tube with a copper pipe running through the centre. The copper pipes are all connected to a common manifold which is then connected to a slow flow circulation pump that pumps water to a storage tank below, thus heating the hot water during the day. The hot water can be used at night or the next day.

Flate Plate Solar Thermal Panel


Viesman Vitosol 200-F

83% Efficiency

Flate plates panels are large shallow boxed collectors, with a copper pipe either run behind or integrated in a selective absorber plate. Theses systems do perform nearly as well as evacuated tubes in summer, but the efficiency of evacuated tubes panels is higher due to their low heat loss properties through the vacuum tube and their ability to gether sun lights at all angles due to their tube shape.

Please note that we work between many solar panel manufacturers, the panels above we do offer but also have other panels to meet your hot water requirements,budget and the overall system aesthetics that you require.  We can do in built systems and we can offer the highest efficiency panels, we’re not tied to any manufacturer we have our own preferences from experience but will always try to maximise your solar generation and advise on what we think is best suit for your needs.