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Solar PV Banchory

All Black 4.00KW Installation in Aberdeenshire

Solar PV Banchory

System Specifcations


System Size 4.00 kWp Feed In Tariff £492
Panel model 8.33 Solar 250W  Mono Gallium Exports Tariff £76
Inverter model SunnyBoy SB3600TL – 21 Energy bill Saving £248
Annual output 3308 kWh/yr
Annual CO2 savings 1422 kg/yr Combined Saving £816

Mr and Mrs Wilson have worked hard to make their home energy efficient and generate their own energy, having already had two evacuated tube solar panel installed a few years previously from another company they seen the potential in solar panel systems. They had installed the most loft insulation they could get in  and have fitted energy saving lighting throughout their home in an effort to save and do their bit for the environment.

When they heard about solar PV they decided it was an environmentally sound idea and would be a valuable addition to their home. They decided on 4.00KW all black panel system installed with 833 Mono Gallium panels, these panel were chosen because of their Gallium Cell Technology which reduces cell deterioration to increase the panel’s lifespan  coupled with the most competitive warranties available with 90% power guaranteed in 25 years and 10 year manufacturing warranty.

This was fitted with a SMA SunnyBoy SB3600TL-21  inverter. SMA Sunny Boy are the world’s biggest and most respected manufacturer of solar PV inverters, with factories in Germany, USA and Japan. Virtually all UK SMA inverters are German manufactured in their carbon neutral factory, with excellent build quality and reliability stemming from their high quality components and design.  The inverter has an efficiency of 97% with dual maximum power point trackers for increased energy yield.

As all investors in solar panels they needed the numbers to stack up, and with the Feed-in Tariff scheme offering quarterly payments for generating and exporting electricity the system would pay for itself, reducing his energy bills along the way.

This system like all our installations comes with an insurance backed 5 year workmanship warranty and a free 3 month after installation performance check.

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